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Join the Next Movement in
American Restaurant Franchises

Highrail Southern Eatery restaurant and bar is a hit with our guests. And in just a few years, we’ve developed an exciting franchise model that aims to disrupt business as usual in American restaurant franchises.

We believe that friends and quality food and drinks go together, and everything we do goes to helping make sure every guest has a memorable experience in our bar and grill franchise. It’s an approach that puts guests first, and they appreciate it and have kept us growing.

Our hospitality keeps our guests coming back, and it’s helping us grow our brand.

Highrail Southern Eatery Advantage

An essential element in finding an American restaurant franchise for sale that has future potential is to make sure you’re joining a franchise team with built-in advantages that could help you bring in customers and grow.

A promising moment

More than ever, many Americans want to get out of their houses and meet up with friends. Restaurant reservations are way up, and diners are projected to flock to restaurants in record numbers.

Customers prefer community

Our dining preferences are changing, and the restaurants that reflect those changes are well positioned for future growth. Gen-Y customers have been found to far prefer dining in a group atmosphere, giving American restaurant franchises that emphasize community the tools to help them become desirable destinations.

Highrail Southern Eatery helps bring groups together

Everything we do at our restaurants are aimed to help guests relax and enjoy themselves. When you invest in a Highrail Southern Eatery restaurant and bar franchise, you become part of the modern movement toward comfort, companionship, and quality cuisine.

Surroundings, Hospitality, and Outreach Done Right

It takes a well-developed and carefully designed plan to make a splash in the restaurant landscape. Highrail Southern Eatery takes the task seriously, and we give our owners the tools to assist them in reaching their goals.

We help our owners find ideal locations to renovate or build out with our signature historic railroad design and décor. Guests appreciate our respect for the past, and the décor enhances our restaurants’ relaxed, down-home atmosphere.

Southern hospitality is our bread and butter. We make sure that every guest feels like they’re at their favorite hangout, a place where they can unwind and let their cares melt away.

We understand that the restaurants that become institutions are the ones that are, before anything else, good neighbors. Highrail Southern Eatery emphasizes the community, and we back up our talk with action.


Highrail Southern Eatery is preparing to grow, and we’d love to bring you along with us!

Learn how Highrail Southern Eatery is on a mission to bring our open, welcoming brand of community spirit to your local area. Contact us today, and see what it takes to become a part of the Highrail family.

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