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How to Find the Best Restaurant Franchises to Buy and Start Your New Career

best restaurant franchises to buy

A lot of people dream about owning a restaurant. There’s a satisfaction that comes with serving people good food and drinks, and bringing people together for their milestone celebrations, all together with the best Restaurant franchises to buy brings the magic you expect –  graduations, birthdays, anniversaries.

But opening a restaurant is a daunting task. You have to quickly become an expert in food handling and safety, hiring staff, ordering supplies for your restaurant, and so much more.

Opening a restaurant franchise can help to ease you into the experience of being a restaurant owner. The best restaurant franchises to buy are the ones that have a robust system of support for franchisees, with resources for advice and guidance so that you don’t feel like you’re completely on your own. The benefits of opening a franchise restaurant compared to starting your own restaurant are that franchises come with a business plan, financial outlook, and a support network to rely on whenever you have any questions.


Here’s how to find the best restaurant franchise to open:


1.Consider the costs to buy in

Buying a restaurant franchise requires a significant investment up front. You’ll have to outfit your kitchen with things like food preparation stations, sinks, stoves and ovens, vents, grease disposal systems, tables and chairs for customers, and a lot more. The top restaurant franchises will help you secure financing for your new restaurant and offer advice about how to find the best prices for supplies and which suppliers will be most willing to work with you.

A restaurant franchise like Highrail Southern Eatery has already been in business long enough that the franchisors already know what the start-up costs will be, what equipment will need to be included in the kitchen, and the ideal amount of seating for your clientele – which make it one of the best franchises restaurants to open. The top restaurant franchises will already have a good idea of what sort of capital you’ll need to get started, where to get financing, and how to spend that capital.



2.Choose a menu that speaks to you

Part of the appeal of owning a restaurant is the experience of being able to provide your guests with a great meal that they will rave about. But developing a menu for your restaurant can be tricky – you want to share dishes that are unique but will still be familiar and enticing for your local customers. The best restaurant franchises to buy are the ones with menus that include food you can get excited and passionate about, while also appealing to restaurant guests.

Highrail Southern Eatery, for instance, embraces the classic traditions of southern food, but with a unique and contemporary twist that sets it apart from other restaurants. Classic dishes like shrimp and grits, fried chicken, and country fried pork are on the menu along with top-quality steaks and unique offerings like southern egg rolls filled with collard greens. The focus on quality and creativity keeps customers coming back to try new items!



3.Find a restaurant that has a record of success

  • Roughly 17% of all newly-opened restaurants fail within the first year in business. The challenges of maintaining all the equipment involved in a restaurant, meeting health code guidelines, and preventing staff turnover end up being too much for many first-time restaurant owners.
  • One of the benefits of opening a franchise restaurant is that the restaurants have already been in business, have name recognition, and have a business model that has been successful in its other locations.
  • The top restaurant franchises are the ones that have devoted their time to marketing and brand awareness and have developed a business model that makes the transition as smooth as possible for a new franchisee. Restaurants like Highrail are staples of their local communities and are known for good food and craft cocktails.
  • When you’re figuring out which is the best restaurant franchises to own, be sure to ask the franchisor about the business model and success of their current location or locations.  Having that perspective can be invaluable as you make your decision to buy a restaurant franchise.
  • You can get a sense of what it will be like to work with the franchisor, and what business practices have worked best within that particular restaurant concept. Better understanding the brand, the company values, and the processes that have already been put in place will help you find the best franchise restaurants to buy.
  • If owning a restaurant has always been something you dreamed about, buying a restaurant franchise can be the perfect entry point into the industry. Be sure to do your due diligence to find the best restaurant franchises to own, and have fun!

Highrail Southern Eatery is preparing to grow, and we’d love to bring you along with us!

Learn how Highrail Southern Eatery is on a mission to bring our open, welcoming brand of community spirit to your local area. Contact us today, and see what it takes to become a part of the Highrail family.

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