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How much does a Highrail Southern Eatery franchise cost?

Your individual situation dictates costs, but you can expect to invest $435,000–$795,000 to open your franchise bar and grill.

What are the financial requirements to qualify for franchising with Highrail Southern Eatery?

A potential investor in a Highrail Southern Eatery American restaurant franchise should have minimum liquid capital/cash assets of $150,000.

Is there a minimum unit requirement?

Highrail Southern Eatery prefers to work with single-unit franchise owners, but we’re open to qualified and interested owners of all sizes.

What experience do I need to open a Highrail Southern Eatery franchise?

You don’t have to have restaurant experience to own a Highrail Southern Eatery, but any previous experience you do have will be a significant benefit to you as you build out your franchise.

What size footprint do Highrail Southern Eatery locations have?

Plan on locating a site that offers 4,000 – 6,000 square feet of space.

How do I learn to run the franchise?

Highrail Southern Eatery helps you get up to speed on the ins and outs of running a restaurant through our corporate and onsite training.

How do I locate the right site?

We help you identify the ideal site space for your American restaurant franchise for sale, and you’ll also get support during your buildout.

What do I do next to get started?

We’re ready to help guide you as you embark on this exciting journey. Contact us to get more information and answers to any additional questions you might have.

Highrail Southern Eatery is on the move and preparing to grow. We’re looking at expanding across the Southeast and further, and we’d love to find kindred spirits to help us shape the brand and possibly the future of the modern American restaurant franchise.

Want to find out more? Get to know the Highrail Southern Eatery philosophy of food, friends, and fun, and start your new career.

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