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4 Reasons Highrail Could Be the Right Bar and Grill Franchise for You

Highrail Southern Eatery Franchise The Best Bar and Grill Franchise For You

Finding a bar and grill franchise that matches your business approach, and then becoming an owner and a community leader might sound like a dream, but it could be closer than you realize. Highrail Southern Eatery is ready to expand, we’re looking for like-minded entrepreneurs to become sports bar and grill franchise owners, and we’ve got the goods to back up our talk.

At Highrail Southern Eatery, we’ve got a few things going for us that make our franchise bar and grill worth a second look for potential owners, including:

  • A growing industry
  • Beautiful, rustic surroundings
  • Old-fashioned Southern hospitality
  • Dedicated leadership

Thanks to our hard work, welcoming atmosphere, and love of delivering good food and great times, Highrail Southern Eatery has been a guest favorite for years, and we’re excited to bring our blend of quality and tradition to your local area.


1. A Growing Industry


What’s the most important concern when considering becoming a franchise bar and grill owner?

Owning a sports grill franchise can be a fulfilling experience, but it’s essential to make sure you’re entering an industry that’s expected to have the potential for long-term growth. Joining a franchise that’s in an expanding industry can give new owners a better chance at establishing and growing their guest base.

Highrail Southern Eatery is positioned as a full-service franchise bar and grill, placing us in an industry expected to grow to $345 billion by 2027, with a projected combined annual growth rate of 7.2%.

That puts Highrail Southern Eatery franchise owners in a favorable position and could help them get started right, with a focus on delivering the best drinks and dishes around. We’ve built a brand with room to grow, and we’re looking forward to the future.


2. Surroundings

Lots of elements go into a memorable evening out, but surroundings might be one of the more crucial aspects that can help make a night unforgettable. When guests enjoy their meals in a beautiful, inviting space, it can affect every other facet of the experience.

  1. At Highrail Southern Eatery franchise bar and grill, we know how much impact the environment can make on a good time, and that’s why we work to create an ideal space for our guests.

We started our flagship restaurant in Thomson, GA in a historic downtown building. The site was lovingly renovated and repurposed to help establish a warm, welcoming atmosphere, with exposed beams, exterior brick, and the kind of charm that only comes from enjoying delicious meals in a rustic, and relaxed, piece of history.

We make sure that all restaurants in the Highrail Southern Eatery sports bar and grill franchise are built in similar surroundings, so that every owner—and guest!—can experience the magic of drinks and dinner with good friends, in surroundings that can stick with them and make them want to return again and again.


3. Southern Hospitality

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Southern hospitality?” For many people, the term conjures images of warm smiles, open arms, and folks who are happy to see them and want them to feel at home. And it’s part of what makes Highrail Southern Eatery bar and grill franchise a brand to watch for prospective owners.

We’ve made Southern hospitality a watchword at Highrail Southern Eatery, and from the moment a guest enters Highrail, we work to make sure they have everything they need, including children receiving a coloring menu. Every guest is treated with the same respect and care we show family, and no task is too small for us, if it could help make someone’s night a little better.

Our devotion to our guests shows in countless little ways, from the speed with which we greet and seat them, to the regular check-ins we perform throughout the night to make sure they’re taken care of, to the “y’all come back soon” attitude instilled in every member of the Highrail Southern Eatery team.


4. Dedicated Leadership

When a potential owner starts looking for a bar and grill franchise that connects with them and shares their outlook on business and guest care, it’s important that they take a look at the leadership at the top. What sort of approach does the franchise management take to their brand, and how much care do they take to support and assist their owners?

Highrail Southern Eatery believes in leadership done right. Our founders, Ken and Lisa Sweet, started the Highrail brand with the principles of servant leadership first in their minds. This philosophy of supporting others, from owners, to staff members, to guests and community, is part of every Highrail Southern Eatery.

At Highrail Southern Eatery, we operate under the conviction that professionalism, respect, and integrity should be woven into every decision we make and every action we take. It helps make us a franchise with growth potential, and a brand that emphasizes team spirit and support.


Own a Highrail Southern Eatery Franchise Bar and Grill

Looking for a bar and grill franchise that offers the kind of owner experience you want to find can be an exciting time in your life, but it’s essential to select a franchise that has key features like being part of an expanding industry, memorable surroundings, a Southern hospitality flair, and leadership that cares about you and your staff.

Highrail Southern Eatery is a franchise ready to expand, and we’ve got the kind of franchise model that focuses on guest satisfaction and owner support. We welcome our guests with a Southern charm, serve them in a laid-back, rustic environment, and work to give them an experience they can carry with them forever.


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Highrail Southern Eatery is preparing to grow, and we’d love to bring you along with us!

Learn how Highrail Southern Eatery is on a mission to bring our open, welcoming brand of community spirit to your local area. Contact us today, and see what it takes to become a part of the Highrail family.

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