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5 Reasons to Own a BBQ Franchise


The restaurant industry is booming, and people are hungry to get their piece! Starting a BBQ business, particularly buying a BBQ franchise, can be the perfect way to get started in the restaurant industry. With a quality menu that features old favorites as well as contemporary meals, an inviting atmosphere, and support from your franchisor, your new restaurant will quickly become the talk of the town!

Consumers are looking for a restaurant that delivers high quality food, craft cocktails, and friendly service in an inviting atmosphere – all the things that make Highrail Southern Eatery a well-loved Southern franchise. 


Here are 5 reasons to own a BBQ franchise:


Starting a BBQ Business guarantee a Familiar cuisine

Who doesn’t love barbeque? With various regional styles that inspire new types of cooking, there is a wealth of potential recipes to explore. You can stick with the traditional forms of barbeque – ribs, pulled pork, chicken – or follow in Highrail’s footsteps and put together a menu with contemporary twists on classic staples of the backyard barbeque. Think southern eggrolls stuffed with collard greens, with a slab of jalapeno cheddar cornbread on the side. There are so many different ways to make your Southern franchise restaurant unique, and with the rise of contemporary casual dining, diners will love seeing your restaurant take the old favorites and give them a new spin!


Southern Franchise A Cozy Connection

Barbeque calls to mind family cookouts with great food and people you love. Opening a BBQ franchise gives you the opportunity to bring that feeling of camaraderie and family to your town. A Southern franchise restaurant is the perfect way to do that – after all, Southern hospitality is renowned for a reason! To truly make your Southern franchise a gathering place, consider hosting live music and other entertainment from the local community, the way that Highrail Southern Eatery does. Serving up some comfort food and live music in a warm and welcoming space will make your restaurant guests feel like family – and keep them coming back! 


BBQ Franchise a Booming Industry

With the worst of Covid-19 behind us, restaurants are re-opening and doing better than ever. In fact, the National Restaurant Association predicts that restaurant industry sales will reach $898 billion in 2022! Other consumer research has shown that 72% of Americans eat out two or more times per week, opening plenty of opportunity for new restaurant concepts for people to try. Given the industry’s momentum, now is a perfect time to think about starting a BBQ business. With more people going out to eat, looking for something new, your BBQ franchise can offer something different for your neighborhood.


Southern pride

Tapping into local culture can be a great way to build a following of customers. Southern cuisine is iconic and renowned for being the best of down-home cooking, so buying a Southern franchise restaurant would be a perfect way to embrace the culture of your region. Even if you aren’t located in the South, Southern cooking is so beloved that tourists or transplants are likely to seek out your BBQ franchise. A menu that’s influenced by Southern cuisine can help you make your mark, like Highrail’s selection of collard greens, fried green tomatoes and deep-fried grits. Embrace the flavors of the region and watch as your customers make your BBQ franchise their home away from home!


Bbq Franchise support

As popular a dream as owning a restaurant is, getting started can be overwhelming. There’s food safety considerations, the cost of getting all the kitchen equipment you need, stocking the bar and the ingredients for all the recipes you’re about to unveil, and so much more. Fortunately, the franchise model ensures that you’re never going at it alone. BBQ franchise restaurants like Highrail provide support from before you even open your restaurant’s doors, through your daily business operations.

Highrail Southern Eatery provides thorough training for all their franchisees, and helps with site selection, choosing suppliers and vendors, and makes regular site visits to make sure their franchisees’ needs are met.  They even provide fully-vetted technological tools and a confidential owner’s manual to make sure that each franchisee has everything they need to be successful. And when the time comes to get the word out about the new Southern franchise in town, Highrail’s leadership will provide extensive marketing support for local marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and more.

Now is the ideal time to take a bite out of the restaurant industry. If you’ve ever considered starting a BBQ business, consider buying a BBQ franchise or a Southern franchise restaurant like Highrail Southern Eatery. Highrail is committed to quality – in their menu, their staff, and their franchisees. 

Highrail Southern Eatery is preparing to grow, and we’d love to bring you along with us!

Learn how Highrail Southern Eatery is on a mission to bring our open, welcoming brand of community spirit to your local area. Contact us today, and see what it takes to become a part of the Highrail family.

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